How Much Can a Silicone Baby Doll Cost?

The reborn dolls are available from very low to very high prices. Here, I will share with you what they cost and why the costs vary.

Most people get worried about the cost of buying reborn dolls if they have a low budget. Many people often ask me if can they get good reborn dolls within their budget. My answer to them is definitely YES.

The reborn dolls are available from very low to very high prices. The price of a reborn doll depends on several factors. I have a huge collection of some of the best reborn dolls at low to high prices.

You need to do some research before buying the best reborn doll within your budget. Dolls sold by the online shop share their details of them most of the time. So, it becomes easy to understand what you are getting within your budget.

You can also contact the seller to make sure you are getting a doll with all the features shared in the description by them. So, from my personal experience after having a huge collection of these dolls here, I will share with you what they cost and why the costs vary.

What Can Be the Cost of a Reborn Baby Doll?

As mentioned above the cost of a reborn doll is determined by considering several factors like the material, hairstyles, body features, etc.

Mostly a good reborn doll will cost $75 to  $3000. On special occasions some online shops give discounts and you can buy a reborn doll for even $50 at that time.

Although we love to buy products at low cost you need to check the quality and features before getting a doll at such a low price. A lot of scammers sell some of these low-quality cheap dolls on social media platforms so, you need to be very careful before getting one.

If you are not sure about the brand and cost of a reborn doll then, you can go through my article on the 10 best reborn dolls to choose the right one within your budget.

What Do You Mean by a Reborn Doll?

People, who are new to the term “ Reborn Doll” often think what are they? vinyl dolls are often referred to as reborn dolls. Whereas dolls made of silicone are mostly, refer to as realistic or life-like dolls.

Realistic Baby Dolls

10 Best Reborn Baby Dolls That Look Real

Here are some of the best reborn dolls of 2022 that you can easily purchase online.

The cost of a vinyl doll and a silicone doll varies as they are different materials. If want to get more information about the difference between vinyl and silicone dolls then, you can go through my article What is the Difference Between Silicone and Vinyl Baby Dolls

What Are the Factors That Determine the Cost of a Reborn Doll?

Different factors affect the cost of a reborn doll. Here, are some of them you can check out before getting the best one within your budget.

Size of the Doll

The reborn dolls are available in different sizes. Some dolls are more than 20 inches long just like a living baby and some of them, are so small that you can easily carry them in your palm.

Some of these dolls have full-length arms and legs whereas some have ¼  or ¾ length of legs and arms and the rest is covered by the cloth the doll is wearing.

A reborn doll with full-length legs and arms is expensive as more material is used to make them. They are also costly as an artist spends more time creating these big dolls.


You can get these dolls of different ages. They are easily available online for toddlers, preemies, or older babies.

Hair and Eyelashes

The more real the hair and eyelashes are, the more expensive a doll becomes. The hair of a good reborn doll is often handmade using mohair with a special needle. This makes the doll look more prominent.

fix frizzy doll hair before and after image

How Do You Fix Frizzy Doll Hair

If your baby doll has frizzy hair then, hot water can damage the quality of the hair. Here I will share how to fix frizzy doll hair without boiling water.

Some dolls have hand-painted hair and eyelashes that are quite cheap. Reborn dolls with rooted eyelashes and hair are often expensive as it takes a lot of time and patience to insert the hair.

So, if you have a low budget then, you can get a doll with hand-painted hair as they are equally beautiful as dolls with rooted hair.


Some of the reborn dolls are available with a stuffed scented baby powder in the pocket of the cloth they are wearing. This produces a baby-like scent and makes you feel like having a real baby at home.

Smoke and Pet-free

If you have smoke aversions or pet allergies then, contact your artist before buying one to be sure the doll has not been made in any such environment.

Certificate of Authenticity

A certificate of authenticity (COA) that most sellers produce nowadays as proof of their product is genuine. People often cancel items if the COA is not produced and the price of such dolls also decreases.

Whereas some people are ready to accept a doll without COA if they get it with some discount.

The Material Used in Body Filling

The material used to fill the limbs and body of a reborn doll is an important point to be considered. Artists often use silicone baby fat inserts, poly pellets, and polyfill stuffing to make you’re reborn look more real.

But most of the time fine glass beads are used to fill in the body and limbs of the doll. The weight of a reborn doll is also an important factor that determines its cost.

If you weigh two dolls at the same time you will find that both of them will never have the exact weight. To make your doll look more lifelike artists often do the “Newborn Tilt”.

To reduce the cost of a reborn doll some mass factory fill up their dolls using sand. But this is not a good idea as sand is not safe and may contain bacteria and contaminants that can be harmful to you and the kids in your house.

Boo-boo Baby Dolls

Sometimes dolls made by popular artists may also have some imperfections in them. Poor coloration, paint smudges, etc, can be some of the drawbacks of these boo-boo babies.

These dolls are often not properly weighted or stuffed so, that they look like living babies. Some of these boo-boo dolls cannot even move their limbs or sit. So, these dolls with minor imperfections are quite inexpensive.

Although these dolls have different imperfections, still some people love to get them. Their drawbacks make them more attractive and unique.

Extra Features

Although some reborn dolls are quite simple, some of them have special features that make them look more real.

Artists often make prominent fingernails, and lips and give a moist look deep inside the ear and nose to make the doll look exactly like a living baby. Their eyes are mostly made using acrylic, poly-glass, or glass.

Ashton Drake Little Peanut Baby Doll
Charex Lifelike Sleeping Baby Doll

The toenails and corners of the eyes of some dolls are made glossy to give them a more lifelike appearance. Most vinyl dolls have cloth body and their mouth is little opened to put the magnetic pacifier.

Some of them are also available with a vinyl plate over the cloth body so, that you can easily choose for male or female anatomically correct plates.

Some of these reborn dolls can wet their diapers and drink from specially-made bottles. These dolls can be quite expensive as they will give the feel of having a real human baby in your house.

Paint Used

To make your reborn doll look more living artists use paints that last longer and give that perfect finish. Air-dry acrylic paints (Reborn FX) and genesis heat set paints (GHSP) are used by most artists to paint your reborn doll.

To make the doll appear more lifelike some artists may also use natural skin tones, blushing, mottling layers, bluing the thinned areas of the skin, and veining.

This extra work will make a reborn doll look more realistic and thus, increase its cost.

Body and Head Materials

The body and the head of every doll are made of different materials. Most of the reborn dolls have cloth body and their head is made of vinyl.

The limbs of some of these reborn dolls can also be made of doe suede body material or cloth. These make the dolls very soft to touch and thus, most people love to cuddle them.

Reborn Baby Accessories

Reborn dolls that are sold by online shops often share the accessories that you will get with the doll. It depends on the artist and seller what accessories they are going to provide with the doll.

The dolls that come with more accessories are quite expensive. There are several dolls that come with different accessories like clothes, diapers, a care sheet, a bottle, a pacifier, a bib, a pacifier clip, an adoption certificate, a blanket, and a small toy.

These accessories can make it easy for you to take care of the doll like your own kid.

Take Away

You can easily buy reborn dolls online from Amazon or Etsy within your budget. The costs of a reborn doll vary and depend on the factors shared above.

I hope after reading this article it will become easier for you to choose the best reborn doll within your budget.

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