7 Best Online Shops To Buy a Reborn Doll

The cost of a reborn doll mostly depends on its body features, functions & quality. Here are some popular online shops to get the right product within your budget.

Nowadays, there are different online shops that sell good reborn dolls. A good reborn doll must have the prominent features and functions of a real baby. These dolls are available at different prices depending on the brand and quality of the product.

The price of a reborn doll is mostly based on its body features, functions, quality, and the finishing made by an artist.

My friends often ask me where is the best place to get a reborn doll. And I suggest they go through some popular online shops where they can choose from a huge collection of dolls.

So, If you have the same query then, you are in the right place. here I have shared a few important details on some of the popular reborn doll websites.

Getting the details about these online shops shared below can help you to get the right product within your budget.

Best Place to Buy Reborn Dolls (Online)

Here, is the list of some best online shops where you can buy these dolls according to your choice and budget.

1. Amazon

Amazon is very popular among people all around the world. It is one of the best online shops that also sell reborn baby dolls.

They have a huge collection of these realistic dolls from a price range of a few hundred to a thousand dollars.

Amazon is the best place to buy reborn dolls

On special occasions they provide huge discounts and thus, it becomes easy for us to buy a branded and good quality product.

They have a variety of reborn dolls irrespective of gender. So, you can get a baby girl or a baby boy according to your wish. A great interface and several filters make your search easier.

Extra Features

  • Smooth search without any issue
  • Provides great discounts
  • Products are delivered on time all over the world
  • A huge collection to choose from.

2. eBay

eBay is one among some reputed online shops and is very popular in western countries. Besides reborn dolls, they have a huge collection of different items.


The reborn dolls sold on eBay are quite different from dolls sold by other online shops. You can choose from a huge variety as it sells ordinary dolls and dolls made by artists.

Extra Features

  • Huge variety of unique and beautiful reborn dolls
  • Deliver products on time, no matter where you live
  • Get Special dolls within your budget.

3. Etsy

Etsy sells some of the best reborn vinyl and silicone babies that look exactly like a living baby.

Although most people are not familiar with this online shop, if you visit it once then, you would not need to visit any other websites.


They have a huge variety of reborn baby dolls irrespective of gender. Most of these dolls are handmade by well-known artists.

Extra Features

  • Order the doll by contacting the artist directly
  • Easy to search without any issue
  • Huge collection of dolls to choose from.

4. Target.com

Most of us are familiar with this website as it is the second-largest retail online store in the US. They, also have different department stores that can help you to check a reborn doll physically before buying one.


Their online store is also quite popular and here you can get a doll in the low to high range.

Extra Features

  • Check dolls physically from their department stores
  • Low-cost reborn dolls are available
  • Deliver products on time.

5. Reborns.com

Although this online shop sells customers’ newest products, it is one of the oldest websites.


You can find out different ordinary reborn dolls and dolls made by artists on this website. The dolls sold here are so, adorable that you will surely like to get one for yourself or your children.

They have a wide variety of realistic dolls that looks like a real baby. Different reputed artists made these dolls so, special.

Extra Features

  • Wide variety of dolls made by well-known artists
  • Huge collection of dolls based on your choice and budget.

6. Reborn Dollmart

This website sells premium products primarily for mothers who want to get one of them as their baby.

Here, you can also get important information about silicone, vinyl, and collectible dolls, and thus, it becomes easy to choose from them.


They sell dolls of different popular and reputed brands like Ashton-drake and Berenguer. Dolls are available irrespective of gender and you can also buy necessary accessories and kits for your baby from this online shop.

Extra Features

  • Choose from premium products
  • Also sells kits and accessories for the baby
  • Provides necessary information about the dolls.

7. Dolls so real

Besides, selling reborn dolls this online shop also sells the necessary items and accessories for your baby. Different household items are also sold on this website.


They have a huge collection of doll kits such as mini doll kits, closed eyes kits, preorder kits, open-eye kits, etc. you can easily choose from them according to your budget.

Extra Features

  • A huge variety of accessories and kits are sold by this online shop
  • Also sells other miscellaneous items.


Doll collectors like me can never stop getting one of them every time I visit the websites shared above. Searching and getting a doll of your choice and budget is quite simple nowadays.

Even if you are planning not to buy a doll right now, a visit to these online shops will make you buy one and you will not be able to resist. These reborn doll websites have a huge variety of dolls that looks like a living baby.

So, I hope after reading this article you will be determined where to get a reborn baby doll within your budget.

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