5 Best Reborn Baby Doll Car Seats That Actually Look Real

The reborn baby doll car seat is the safest option to take your doll outdoors with you. Here are some of the car seats that you can choose from.

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We all love to take out our baby dolls with us. Kids also want to play and have fun with them outdoors. So, the baby doll car seat can be the easiest option to take out your beloved doll along with you.

These car seats are quite safe and get easily fitted in your car. Being a doll collector I have so many of them to carry my newborn baby dolls and toddler with me whenever I go on a vacation.

There are different brands that sell these car seats and you can easily choose one according to your convenience from Amazon. Car seats sold by Joovy toys are quite popular, durable, and safe. The length of dolls between 12 to 22 inches can easily get into these car seats.

Car seats sold by Joovy toys offer a crash-tested latch restraint with an easy locking design. There are several other brands that sell car seats within your budget.

However, before buying a car seat for your reborn baby doll you should match the size of your baby with the size of the car seat so that your doll can get adjusted to it comfortably. There are a wide variety of designs and colors available and you can choose the one you like within your budget.

In this article, I will share with you my opinion on the 5 best reborn baby doll car seats that can help you to choose the best one for you.

My Favorite Baby Dolls Car Seat

If you do not have much time to search for the best product, you can easily choose from the doll car seats shared below. These are a few among the list of my favorites.

1Best Overallimage 1554568886Joovy Toy Car Seat Pink DotView on Amazon
2Best Valueimage 2554652555Adora Baby Doll Car SeatView on Amazon
3Best Starterimage 3221254666Bayer Design Baby Doll Car SeatView on Amazon

5 Best Reborn Baby Doll Car Seats That Look Real

Here are some of the beautiful and long-lasting car seats that you can buy for your baby doll.

Joovy Toy Car Seat Pink Dot

As mentioned above the Joovy toy car seats are the most popular and safest product on our list. Reborn dolls of 12 to 22 inches long can easily get fitted in this car seat. It is considered to be one of the safest car seats because of its easy locking design and crash-tested latch restraint.

Best Overall

image 1554568886

Joovy Store Toy Car Seat, Doll Accessory

The following product details can help you understand why this car seat is best for your reborn doll.

  • Use it just after unboxing. not much assembling is required.
  • Best for 12 to 22 inches long dolls.
  • Offers safety lock designs and crash-testing latch restraints
  • Made of padded fabric thus can be machine washed
  • The car seat can be easily transferred as it has a base.
  • Domes with 2 position handles and a 5-point safety harness.

You can easily carry your baby in it as it offers great comfort and maximum protection. Car seats sold by Joovy toys are quite bigger than some other car seats available on the market or online.

It provides removable fabric, a separate base, and a five-point safety harness and you can easily assemble it by yourself at home. Although these car seats are quite expensive I can assure you that you will not regret after getting one of them for your baby.

Why is it great

  • Can be machine washed
  • Different designs and color options are available
  • No need to assemble much
  • Has a base thus, can be easily removed.


  • Comes with a large warning label.
  • Can be expensive for some people.

Adora Baby Doll Car Seat

This car seat has a simple design but can be a safe product for your baby doll. It is not very heavy or light and can be installed easily. Reborn dolls of 20 inches can easily get fitted in this car seat.

Best Value

image 2554652555

Adora Baby Doll Car Seat – Fits Dolls Up to 20 Inches

Here are some more details about this car seat.

  • Washable seat cover
  • Stylish and simple designs
  • The carrying handle is adjustable.
  • Padded seat belt

As it is not very expensive so, you can buy one for your baby without being worried about your budget. Your baby doll can be quite comfortable and safe in these car seats. Adora baby doll car seats are much more durable according to their price.

You can put different accessories on these car seats that your baby will love. You can also check the reviews before buying one of them. But according to me, it can be one of the good options within your budget.

Why Should You Choose It

  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • Can be carried easily everywhere
  • Wide variety of designs.


  • Made for dolls of 20 inches long
  • There is no base.

Bayer Design Baby Doll Deluxe Car Seat With Canopy

This car seat with beautiful polka dots is very colorful. Your kids will love to get them for their beloved reborn baby doll as they are quite attractive and fashionable.

Best Starter

image 3221254666

Bayer Design Baby Doll Deluxe Car Seat

Check out for more details here.

  • Popular brand
  • Best for dolls up to 20 inches
  • The seat belt comes with a buckle to hold the baby.
  • Can be mounted on the Vario dolls pram 18467AB.
  • Comes with a sunshade

The Bayer car seat is made of good quality materials so, that your doll can fit into it comfortably. It offers a seat belt to ensure your baby doll won’t fall while traveling. It also has a sunshade to protect the soft skin of the baby from wind and sun.

The ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry. And this beautiful car seat can be ideal for reborn dolls up to 46 cm.

Why Should You Choose It

  • Bright color with beautiful design
  • Made of the best quality material
  • Safe and secure for your baby doll
  • Fits reborn size dolls perfectly
  • Not very expensive


  • Does not have a base
  • It May not be very durable

Kookamunga Kids Baby Doll Car Seat and Carrier

This baby doll car seat comes with vibrant colors, polka dots, and rainbow prints. This feature makes the car seat more demanding and children like to get one for their reborn doll.


pink and blue reborn baby doll car seat

Kookamunga Kids Baby Doll Car Seat & Carrier

Here are some more product details

  • Available in both pink and blue colors
  • Comes with a padded headrest, adjustable canopy, and 5-point harness
  • Stylish and modern
  • No assembling required

It has a fully retractable handle so that the car seat can be used as a doll feeding chair or carrier. The kookamunga car seat is made of good quality materials and has soft padding and an adjustable handle which can be quite safe for your baby doll. This car seat is a good option for dolls up to 18inches long.

Why Should You Choose It

  • Made of polyester so it is washable
  • It comes with an adjustable handle
  • Best for reborn dolls up to 18 inches
  • Not very expensive.


  • Bigger dolls cannot get fitted
  • Sometimes the buckle clips come apart
  • It is just a toy so, never place an infant inside it.

Bayer Design Toy Car Seat

This Bayer design car seat has a very fashionable and sophisticated color. It is made of good quality material and suitable for reborn dolls up to 18 inches long.

Most Affordable

image 5055455565

Bayer Design Toy, Car Seat Easy Go for Neo Vario Pram

Check out for more details here

  • Best for dolls up to 18 inches
  • Made of wonderful fabric
  • Compatible with 61766AB travel bed
  • Available with doll accessory

It comes with an integrated seat belt to provide complete safety to your baby doll. The sunshade protects the face of your baby doll from being exposed to wind and sun.

Your baby doll can fit in this car seat comfortably and is also easy to carry while traveling.

Why Should You Choose It

  • The ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry
  • Comfortable seat
  • An integrated sunshade and seat belt
  • Not very expensive


  • Bigger dolls may not get fitted
  • It May not be very long-lasting

How to Choose the Right Car Seat for Your Baby Doll?

There are several things you need to keep in mind before buying a baby doll car seat. Here are some tips to help you buy the best one for your baby.

How to Choose the Right Car Seat
Choosing the right size of the car seat is very important so, that your baby gets fitted comfortably.
The car seat should be made of good quality material and comes with all safety features.
Try to buy a good quality product with the necessary features within your budget.
Buying online can be a better option as you can choose from a wide variety after checking the customer reviews.

Why Should You Get a Baby Doll Car Seat?

Kids in your house always notice their siblings are taken with them in a car seat whenever they go out. So, they will also want to carry their reborn baby doll along with them while traveling.

Sometimes these dolls become just like friends or siblings to your kid. So, they want them to be treated just like a real human baby. This broadens your child’s mind and teaches them how to take care and responsibility for a baby.

Buying a car seat for the baby doll in your house makes your toddlers happy as they can easily take their baby doll where ever they want to. Your children can easily carry them as some of the car seats comes with a carrying handle.

They also recline around 45 degrees which help your kid learn about transporting a child to and from a car.

Some baby doll car seats come with a cloth insert, a harness, shoulder pads, and a carrying handle. This makes them as real as a car seat meant for a living baby.


A baby doll car seat is one of the necessary items for your reborn doll. Your kids do not have to carry their baby up in their arms every time if,  you buy one of the car seats shared above.

So, get one of them and let your children learn to transport their beloved dolls safely on a car ride.

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