How to Take Care of a Full Body Silicone Baby Doll

A reborn silicone baby doll is considered to be a piece of art as the artist spent maximum time in giving that perfect finish to make the doll look prominent.

Parenting feeling is one of the best feelings in the world. And getting the best reborn silicone can be a great choice for parents who have lost their child, cannot have their own babies, or preparing to welcome a newborn. A realistic baby doll can give you the same feeling as your own baby.

So, these dolls are not only loved by children but adults are also very fond of them. A reborn silicone baby doll is considered to be a piece of art as the artist spent maximum time in giving that perfect finish to make the doll look prominent.

Some dolls have the exact features of a real human baby and you will forget that it is a doll after holding it. these dolls come with all the necessary accessories that a baby should have like a pacifier, clothes, bottle, diaper, blanket, and pillow.

Baby lovers will love to take care of these reborn baby dolls like their own children. Getting these dolls can make your kids more responsible and caring. After all parenting, a realistic doll is the same as parenting a real human baby.

Being a doll collector and extremely obsessed with these reborn silicone dolls here, I will share with you some most useful tips to take care of a full-body silicone baby.

How to Take Care of a Full-body Silicone Baby?

Taking care of these baby dolls can make them long-lasting and make you happy. So, here are some amazing ways you should follow to take care of a full-body silicone baby like your own baby.

Bathing Reborn Dolls

You need to bathe your silicone baby from time to time to remove dust from it. you should wash the baby doll using mild soap and warm water. Do not apply soap to the eyes of the silicone baby just like your own baby.

Doll Accessories

Silicone Baby Doll Accessories

14 Pack Baby Doll Accessories, Feeding, and Caring Set.

All the doll accessories are highly durable and safe for little girls. The diaper bag is comfortable to wash & carry around. Children can put it in a doll stroller when they go to the park or the nursery.

Babies that come with cloth bodies should be washed in such a way so, that their cloth does not get wet. After bathing gently pat dries your baby with a paper towel or air dry it by laying it on a low-lint towel. after drying apply powder to its body to make it look fresh and clean.

Keep Away From Pets and Kids

You should always keep your reborn doll out of reach from your pets. Your pets can destroy it thinking it to be just a toy. Although most pets do not mess with dolls if they find your doll sitting on a couch they might chew it thinking it to be just an ordinary toy.

As prevention is always better than cure so, keep your lovable silicone dolls away from your pets. Another concern for your baby dolls can be small kids in your house. You should also keep your baby doll away out of your child’s reach.

Although dolls are meant for children and they are always attracted to them but small children can be quite rough with these realistic dolls.

As small kids are not aware of taking care of a reborn doll they can be quite harsh with these dolls. So, before getting them a doll you should teach them to be caring and loving toward the doll. After all, it is not just any ordinary doll but, a little member of your family.

Baby’s Hair Care

To keep your reborn baby’s hair in good condition you need to take proper care of it. you should never be harsh with their hair or pull them. If the hair comes out due to pulling then, it cannot be stuck again even with glue.

You can slightly spray water on your baby’s hair and gently brush it using a baby brush with a soft bristle. If the hair becomes dirty then, clean it without harsh scrubbing or pulling.

Pacifiers and Bottles

Most silicone babies come with a bottle or a pacifier. But you should avoid forceful removal and insertion frequently to prevent damage to their mouth area. Always be gentle while taking out and putting a pacifier or a bottle in your baby’s mouth.

To reduce friction from using pacifiers to can use a product known as the silicone velvet care liquid. Putting extreme force while putting on a bottle or a pacifier can cause tearing. Always use pacifiers suitable for your baby’s mouth and never use a large one.

Some of these reborn dolls are available with a drink and wet system. So, if you have one of them then, drain the baby doll completely after feeding and then feed again.

Baby’s Eye Care

Use a soft brush or small makeup brush to clean the eyes of your realistic baby doll if you notice any dust buildup. Never use wet clothes or wipe to clean the eyes of an awake baby as the eyelashes can get damaged due to trapped moisture.

Reborn Silicone Baby Hair Styling Tips

Here are some tips to take proper care of your baby doll’s hair so, that it lasts longer without any damage.

Wig Hair

To prevent your baby doll’s hair from getting damaged it is always best to use a brush with soft bristles. Using harder brushes can detach the baby’s hair. Using soft brushes can also remove dust particles and dirt from the hair easily.


This hair can become matted if cold water is used on it. so, never brush or wash this type of hair. You can use a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust that may have settled on the baby’s hair. Never wash the hair of the baby doll as they are too fragile when wet and can get detached easily.

Extra Care Tips

Be Gentle

You need to treat the reborn baby doll the same way you treat your own child. Being too harsh can damage the body parts of the doll by detaching them permanently.

Avoid Exposure to Uv Rays

Keeping the doll under the sun for a longer period and over-exposing it to harmful UV rays can cause severe damage to the reborn doll.

As these dolls are made from vinyl so, they can break down easily due to overexposure to the sun.

The vinyl can also deteriorate if it is exposed to other extreme heat sources like a hot car or a kitchen stove.

Avoid Staining

Some dresses may leave colors that can stain your baby doll. So, wash the cloth before dressing your doll to prevent the color from transferring.

Always choose a fabric that is not highly pigmentated as it can stain the doll’s vinyl parts. It is better to rub the fabric on a different piece of vinyl to make sure the color of the fabric will not stain your doll’s body.

Keep Magnetic Parts Away

The magnetic parts of your reborn doll can interfere with electronic devices like metal implants, hearing aids, pacemakers, computers, hard drives, tablets, and cell phones.

So, try to keep them away from the dolls with magnets inserted in them. Make sure you can check it out with the manufacturer so, that the magnet does not become an issue.

Clean the Doll Carefully

You cannot clean this silicone baby doll like any other toy. It is not just a doll but a piece of art. So, you need to clean and wash it like your own kid.

Avoid scrubbing the doll to prevent the color from getting damaged. Use a damp cloth to remove dirt and stains, and never get the cloth body wet.

Dry its body gently using a soft towel. If your reborn doll becomes very dirty and you are unable to clean it at home then, it is better to send the doll to its original artist for cleaning. They will make your doll clean completely and also replace the body if needed.

Final Thought

Getting a reborn silicone baby doll can make you happy and pleased. You will fall in love with them and forget that it is a doll. It will give you the feel of having a real newborn baby and thus, relieve your stress.

Kids will love to play with these dolls and treat them as their siblings. But reborn babies need proper maintenance, and careful handling so, that they last longer.

So, take care of your baby doll by following the tips shared above and keep it as it is for years without any damage. 

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