Do Silicone Reborn Babies Have Private Parts?

People buy reborn baby dolls for different purposes. Some buy them for their kids just for having fun whereas some women get them to live motherhood and express their love. Doll collectors like me love …

People buy reborn baby dolls for different purposes. Some buy them for their kids just for having fun whereas some women get them to live motherhood and express their love.

Doll collectors like me love to get these dolls to collect more information about these dolls and experience the prominent features they resemble as a living babies.

These dolls are not just used for playing purposes but, they also teach children to love, care and take responsibility.

Women going through a difficult phase in their life like losing a child or cannot be able to become a mother can also forget their pain for some time after getting these realistic dolls.

Although most of these babies are available with almost all the features of a real human baby, people often wonder do reborn babies have private parts. Earlier when these dolls were introduced they did not have private parts. But nowadays some babies are available with their private parts to give an exact feeling of having a living baby.

They look so real that people often get confused about thinking them to be a real baby. Some other features like producing sound, getting a fever, breathing, and removing waste from their bodies makes these reborn dolls extraordinary.

Can Baby Wipes Be Used on a Reborn Doll?

As mentioned above most of these dolls nowadays are designed in such a way that they pee and poo like a living baby. So, you can definitely use wipes to clean them.

These real features and functions of the reborn dolls are made to teach children about human anatomy. Children also learn how to take care of babies and clean them.

These real features make these dolls close to a person. They love them and get connected to them very fast. So if you have one of them at home then, do not hesitate to clean their pee and poo using baby wipes as it will not cause any damage to your silicone baby doll.

Why Should You Have an Anatomically Correct Doll?

There are several questions, that come to people’s minds before getting a reborn doll. Although an anatomically correct doll represents all features of a real baby and acts as a living baby it cannot grow and remain a baby forever.

So, some people wonder what is the point of an anatomically correct doll if they do not grow and we treat them as a baby forever.

So, the fact is these anatomically correct dolls are mainly for those women who can never be a mother, had a miscarriage, or stillbirth. These dolls help them to recover from the difficult phase of their life.

They can express their motherly love which builds an emotional connection with these dolls. They treat them as their own baby and do not want them to grow so, that these baby dolls can stay close to them forever.

anatomically correct reborn doll

Holding the anatomically correct dolls gives them a feel of a real baby and thus, they can overcome anxiety and depression faster.

Some people get these dolls for other purposes as well. These dolls can teach a child about human anatomy and help them to identify and take care of all the body parts of a human baby.

Although these dolls resemble the exact features of a living baby,  it is up to you whether you want to get these anatomically correct dolls for you or your kids.

Are Reborn Baby Dolls Loved by Kids When Gifted?

Children are often not aware of the specification and values of a reborn doll and consider them just like a plain doll. So, some children may like these dolls when gifted and some may not.

Realistic Baby Dolls

10 Best Reborn Baby Dolls That Look Real

I will also help you with a list of some best dolls available in the market and online.

Gifting a doll to your kids always, may not be a great idea as they lose interest in these dolls as they start growing. But, it completely depends on the choice of your kids as some of them become unconditionally happy when gifted a reborn baby doll.


Reborn dolls are in demand nowadays and people like to get them for different purposes. Anatomically correct dolls are quite popular because of their most real features and are also loved by women to reduce stress and anxiety while going through a difficult phase in their life.

The silicone reborn baby dolls with private parts give a feeling of having a real baby at home. Although getting these dolls provides temporary happiness, it can be a useful product for women who have lost their child or are infertile.

Besides, playing and having fun with these dolls kids can learn a lot about human anatomy which is very important for them to know as they grow.

So, go through different websites like Amazon and Etsy and get one for yourself or the little member of your family today.

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