How Do You Make a Baby Doll Look Real in a Car Seat

We all want to make our reborn doll look as natural as we can. here are some best tips to make your baby doll look real in a car seat.

Reborn dolls are perfect for women who are preparing to be a mother soon or cannot be a mother. Women who did not have babies before often struggle to make them look like real babies.

Without making your baby doll look like a living baby you cannot get attached and express your motherly love completely for him or her.

So, being a doll collector In this article I will share with you some of the best and most useful tips to make your baby doll look real in a car seat.

How Do You Make a Reborn Baby Doll Look Realistic in a Car Seat?

We all consider our reborn dolls as a member of our family and like to make them look as real as we can. Every doll has different features and functions so, according to that, we need to adjust and make them look real in a car seat.

Here are some amazing tips you can follow to make them look almost real and adorable in a car seat.

1. Features of Your Baby

You may have a sleeping baby or a baby who is always awake. So, you need to adjust their body parts accordingly in a car seat to make them, look like an actual baby.

2. Clothing Your Baby

It is very important to dress your baby according to the weather and the occasion. Whether your baby is awake or sleeping and staying at home you should make him or her wear the most comfortable clothes.

If it is raining or cold outside then, make sure you use warm and cozy clothes and drape your baby with a soft, warm blanket.

If you are taking your baby outside then, dress them in clothes that you would have done for a real baby.

3. Placing the Baby in a Car Seat

While placing your baby doll in a car seat you need to be sure it is safe and comfortable. You can buy a car seat from amazon or Etsy according to your budget, keeping in mind that your baby is safe and comfortable in the car seat.

You should use an infant insert before placing the baby in the car seat and strap the baby tightly so, that it does not fall off. Also, adjust his or her head according to what kind of baby doll you have. You can put the car seat shade up if you want to block his face.

4. Accessories

Getting the necessary accessories including some toys can make your baby happy. You can put some toys on the handle of the car seat and position your baby’s head in such a way so, that it looks like he is staring at the toys.

You can get pacifiers and put them in the mouth of your awake baby as small kids are always comfortable sucking pacifiers.

You can also buy some clothes that get fitted to your baby easily to give that realistic look.

Take Away

Making your reborn baby doll look real in a car seat is quite easy if you follow the tips shared above. Dressing a baby depends on whether you have a newborn baby or a toddler.

Getting some necessary accessories and toys can make them look more realistic. I love to dress my baby boys and girls in such a way that my friends often get confused thinking them to be real living babies.

I hope the information shared above will help you to make your baby doll look real in a car seat. You can also watch some youtube videos I have shared below to get more detail about the same.

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