New Layers Out on Pasture

In the spring, the Center is bursting with all things new--new seeds meet the soil, resting perennials see new growth and patient plants germinate. In the barnyard and pasture, lambs are born, goose eggs hatch, and new life experiences green grass for the first time. This year, Stone Barns Center is welcoming something else new to the farm: a new breed of chicken is out on our pastures.

If you've visited us in seasons past, you may have noticed that the clucking, laying hens foraging around the egg-mobiles (hen-houses on wheels) look different. That’s because, they are! The pasture is bustling with “Ambers.” These pretty, white, peach and red-flecked birds are a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Rhode Island White. Just like the Rhode Island Reds who laid the farm’s eggs in season’s past, these ladies lay beautiful, brown eggs.

Our new hens will get to exhibit their natural instincts like foraging, and taking dust-baths while rotating around our pastures to fresh grass in their egg-mobiles. The Ambers should lay slightly smaller eggs than the Rhode Island Reds. This means their shells will naturally be stronger. Craig is hoping that this will keep the shell quality higher over next winter as well.

So swing by the farm to meet our new chickens and pick up some eggs!

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